Strategic Services Based Architecture

Services Overview

The SureWare platform is based on a services architecture strategically operated in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Helping your organization to design and deploy a strategic blueprint for the successful consolidation of your data at the front end of the travel purchasing cycle. We offer years of experience helping organizations with end-to-end integration improving workflow, compliance, and securing bottom-line cost savings.

Our capabilities include system integration with HR systems, corporate payments systems, unused airline ticket credits and the conversion of user personal profile information from various sources. All supported by API's for real-time data synchronization to any other system.

Profile Exchange™

The Profile Exchange™ is a proprietary services platform for integrating with third-party systems. This service pulls or pushes traveler profile data with third-party systems while converting the data elements back and forth between a standardize SureWare profile format.

Retrieve Profile Service

  • Service to request to retrieve traveler profile
  • Delivers standard SureWare profile with XML or JSON options
  • Supports on-demand retrieval and consumption of profile data
  • Ideal for mobile apps, service and point-of-sale integrations

Update Profile Service

  • Service to request to update traveler profile
  • Uodate using SureWare profile standards with XML or JSON options
  • Supports third-party updates of profile data
  • Useful service for aggregating profile data housed in other systems

Send Profile Service

  • Service to push profile data to any third-party systems
  • Delivers the entire contents of the SureWare profile
  • Option to convert and deliver in the custom format of third-party system
  • Streamlines integration process with third-party systems

HR Feed Processing

Service to integrate data from any corporate HR system to update employee travel profiles and to drive updates to other travel supply chain systems.

HR Feed Utility

  • Supports frequency of monthly, weekly or daily feeds
  • Standard HR feed template that customer can extract to
  • Option to customize to customer’s existing feed extracts
  • Updates employee personal information and company hierarchy

Update Travel Supply Chain

  • Real-time updates upon processing the HR feed
  • Sync of updates to preferred agencies’ GDS
  • Sync of updates to online booking tools in each market
  • Updating third-party systems like reporting and meetings systems

Workflow Integration

  • Specific workflow actions for updates, new hires, and terminations
  • Updates employee travel profile for changes in company hierarchy
  • Creates travel profile for new hires, setting employee up in all systems
  • Travel profiles deleted for terminated employees

Corporate Payment Systems

Comprehensive tools for integrating preferred corporate payment methods, including the creation and real-time integration of virtual cards into bookings.

Corporate Issued Cards

  • Service portal to securely enter in company issued credit cards
  • Import utility for mass creation and feed of credit cards from issuer
  • Ability to mass update credit cards for changes in expire dates
  • Tracking and reporting of expire dates by card type and by traveler

Centralized Payments

  • Ability to store and manage central billing payments
  • Option to store credit cards at a business or policy level
  • Associate card to travelers based on business level or other hierarchy
  • Push out associated credit cards to point-of-sale GDS and/or OBT

Virtual Card Payments

  • Integrate use of virtual cards directly into traveler profile
  • Identify and flag travelers subject to a virtual card use
  • Auto create of virtual card directly with the issuer
  • Push virtual cards to point-of-sale like any other payment method

Profile Consolidation

SureWare provides a wide range of expertise in supporting customers in the capture and importing of employee personal data and travel preferences

Traveler Portal

  • Self-services web site for travelers to add/edit personal data
  • Option for employees to SSO directly from corporation to profile
  • Deploy externally to non-employees traveling on behalf of the company
  • Import utility to perform mass updates to traveler information

Online Booking Tools

  • Options to sync data directly from online booking tools (OBT's)
  • Integrate with multiple OBT's in a single site setup
  • Ability to make centralized updates and sync back to the OBT
  • Ongoing status management tracking of new, updates and deletes

Customer Sites

  • Customers can deploy there own traveler service portals
  • Utilize SureWare profile web services to submit traveler changes
  • Create workflow tracking and logging of web services updates
  • Drives syncs to all point-of-sale systems as updates are received

Funds Recovery

Audit and tracking services focused on recovering funds for tickets unused, as industry statistics estimate 10-15% of tickets go unused and now worth more than ever before, as major airlines have waived most change fees

Ticket Audit

  • Import utility to capture air ticket numbers to be audited
  • Expertise to connect to TMC GDS systems for deploying audit activity
  • Audit robotics to analyze each ticket to determine if used or not traveled
  • Options for performing one-time, periodic or ongoing audit services

Financial Reporting

  • Full capture of ticket data including total cost, fare, traveler and status
  • Enhance ticket data by linking and aggregating PNR related info
  • Comprehensive consolidation of custom data with up to 99 fields
  • Real-time reporting with standard export for financial systems

Profile Integration

  • Option to integrate unused ticket data with Travel Hub profiles
  • Link unused ticket data to specific traveler profiles
  • Track tickets by travelers by status of unused, exchanged and expired
  • Ability to synchronize unused data to point-of-sale reservation systems