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SureWare is a leading provider of data management technology at the front edge of corporate travel purchasing. Over 4,000 organizations worldwide rely on SureWare to streamline travel procurement.

SureWare Travel Hub™ is a cloud-based service platform for purchasing corporate travel, with a specific focus on aggregating HR data, preferred corporate payment systems, personal profile information and unused airline ticket inventory to offer real-time and on demand synchronization across multiple travel management companies (TMC’s), GDS, online booking tools and any point-of-service application. Established in 2004, SureWare is a partner and Certified Developer for travel industry technology leaders Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport.

About Corporate Travel Purchasing

With U.S. business travel historically surpassing the $250 billion-dollar mark and T&E expense representing the second largest controllable expense for most corporations, it’s easy to understand why travel budgets and travel purchasing is a critical area of scrutiny.

Travel purchasing is unique from the purchase of other products and services in that each employee has a direct role in the process, all made within a framework of company rules defined by its travel policy. To effectively control travel costs, information on the employee buying travel must flow accurately and consistently throughout the travel purchase cycle.


The utilization of multiple TMC’s, online booking tools, mobile applications, duty of care solutions and emerging supplier direct channels has resulted in the fragmentation and broad distribution of employee and credit card information across numerous travel vendor systems.

For travel managers, any lack of control of this information can compromise employee privacy, data accuracy, and the ability to enforce corporate travel policies.

For procurement professionals, it makes it difficult to control costs by selecting and moving to new service providers that offer the best pricing and benefits.

For finance managers, financial reconciliation and settlement can be cumbersome, inefficient and distract focus from areas of financial opportunity like utilization of unused ticket credits.

To solve these travel procurement challenges, organizations require technology that enables secure, complete and timely data as the cornerstone and front end of their corporate travel program.

The SureWare Travel Hub™ delivers a purchasing platform for corporate travel, fed by HR systems and corporate payment systems for up-to-the-minute accuracy – with the ability to dynamically synchronize across multiple TMC’s, GDS and online booking tools for faster, more streamlined procurement. Redundant, disparate data stores are replaced by secure, consolidated travel information enabling on-demand point-of-service integration, timelier settlement, less errors and happy, more satisfied corporate travelers, travel managers, procurement officers and CFOs.


SureWare Travel Hub is in use by some of the world’s largest global organizations in the retail, financial, healthcare, technology, consulting services, and travel management sectors. Over 4,000 customers rely on SureWare to empower their corporate travel programs at the front edge of the travel purchasing.

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SureWare Travel Hub
At the Front Edge of Travel Purchasing

For corporations,

a cloud-based service platform for purchasing corporate travel, aggregating HR data, corporate payment systems, personal profile information and unused ticket inventory to offer real-time and on demand synchronization across TMC’s, GDS, online booking tools and point-of-service applications

For travel agencies,

it enables easy, cloud-based access to corporate and traveler level profiles, with the ability to connect and seamlessly integrate with existing GDS systems, online booking tools and a range of third-party applications used in your business, leveraging our "virtual profile' and integration API's

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